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Being an artist is a different thing for each individual—there is a journey of steps each one takes, a sequence that transforms one from wanting to be an artist to naming one’s self as an artist. Inherent in this evolution is the process of participating in the act of creation enough times until the idea of ‘ARTIST AS SELF’ shifts from theory into being, Internal obstacles such as fear of failure, beliefs about talent and using comparisons with those we admire to gauge our abilities often cover up the main desire: to be truly one’s self—to create the art that comes only from within you—to experience the satisfaction of being truly yourself.

— Rebecca George, Founder/Director of The Art House

The Art House in Chicago is a studio workshop and gallery offering innovative courses for adult artists at every stage of experience. Adult art classes in color, painting, drawing, printmaking and open studio are open for registration on a semester schedule and feature in depth demonstrations on material and technique, small class sizes and make up options for missed sessions. Individual instruction is available to expedite a self-directed momentum and build a body of work/portfolio, as well as in professional development for the business of being an artist. Artist in Residence positions with studio space and gallery representation are also options for artists seeking deeper involvement.


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