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Recent Feedback from Artists Studying at The Art House

Rebecca George and The Art House helped me actualize many career goals as an artist, as well as building my confidence and expanding the range and depth of my body work.
— Larry Cutler

Rebecca George, Founder and Director of The Art House, is that rare instructor who consistently leads students to a greater understanding of their craft, helping improve their technical skills and trust their creative abilities, without imposing her style and personal preferences. Rebecca intuitively knows when to leave a student alone to work things out and when to step in with a suggestion or clarification. She unselfishly shares her advanced knowledge and skills and asks only that you work to make use of them. Her approach is thoughtful and supportive. She meets each student at their current skill level and draws them to new plateaus.

I am simply a better artist for having worked with her.
— Margaret Park, Painter

Rebecca George has a terrific ability to communicate the process of creating - the thought processes and the technical processes. She can meet a student at whatever level they’re at and point them to the next level.
— Mike Coon, Artist

After a 15 year hiatus from painting, I was pretty frustrated and mildly guilt-ridden for not having picked up a paint brush in so long. After my first AH class I walked away with a sense of invigoration that might just fuel the next 15 years of painting. Rebecca is blessed with one of the rarest gifts there is—attention. Her instruction is infused with the philosophy that the lessons to be learned are in your work that to value and connect with your best work it helps to tolerate the uncertainty, embrace the mistakes, notice what really happens when you work and set aside all fears. To look, listen & see. Thanks to The Art House, the contact I now have with my work is more engaging than it’s ever been. I’m now committed and open to exploring my practice—one blank canvas after the next.
— Beth Borum, Painter

These courses are a great way to take stock of your painting, clarify your goals and direction and get insightful feedback. It helped me improve my engagement in the painting process with less fear of the final result. Rebecca’s teaching style is provocative while remaining positive and supportive.
— Ginger Ware, Painter

Rebecca has an intuitive approach to teaching. Her in-depth experience allows her to gauge rather quickly what direction a student needs to take to further his/her growth as an artist. Rebecca challenges her students to stretch beyond their comfort zones, creating increased confidence and rapid progression in their abilities.
— Cheryl Beck-Ruff, Artist

Working with Rebecca George and being a part of the community of artists at The Art House has become an essential part of my studio practice. I’m finally producing art consistently—so fulfilling.
— Tim Curtin, Artist