Old Master's Secret Knowledge' Projection & Lens Painting

Artwork by Rebecca George
Artwork by Rebecca George

Old Master's Secret Knowledge' Projection & Lens Painting


Old Masters 'Secret Knowledge' Projection & Lens Painting

Rediscovering Historical Techniques with Contemporary Application

Faculty: Rebecca George

Text (Studio Copy Available): "Secret Knowledge", David Hockney

The Color Mixing Bible, Ian Sidaway

Mixed Level: Beginner to Advanced

Course Dates: Thursday's, 6:00-9:00 PM

October 5-December 14, 2017


Make-up studio time available for student absences within the course dates. Payment plans available for returning students, email Rebecca@TheArtHouse.us


Class Description: By the 15th century, artists in northern Europe were using optics to create accurate representations of complex forms in painting. The actual usage of the range of optics, mirror and related technology as they, and the camera became available, by revered and Canonized 'Old Masters' has been a topic of research and debate. In his recent publication: 'Secret Knowledge', David Hockney explores this issue, citing hundreds of examples and various indicators that optics and related technology were used in the creation of some of the most honored paintings in art history. Rather than being 'cheating', Hockney contents that this approach requires great skill that continues to be used in contemporary painting.

This fascinating research by Hockney will be discussed in the context of this course, as student artists explore the use of Camera Lucida and 35mm slide projection as tools in developing accurate proportion and perspective in large scale and/or detailed painting. Student artists identify images/photographs to work from as they build a body of work with personal content. Studio instruction includes techniques for working with lenses and projection in painting, with exposure to preparing traditional and contemporary supports, identifying a successful palette, 'blocking in' a painting, working on colored grounds and glazing to create luminosity with paint.

Supply List: 35MM slides (photos of your choosing;any digital image can be made into a slide via ordering online fromhttp://www.exslides.com/); Acrylic and/or Oil Paint, Rags, Brushes, Range of Mediums, Palette (Paper or Glass), Solvent/Mediums, Jars, Painting Surface, Primer. Contact me for recommendations based on what you have vs. what you'll need.