Crossing Boundaries: Drawing+Painting/Representational+Abstract


Crossing Boundaries: Drawing+Painting/Representational+Abstract


Crossing Boundaries: Drawing+Painting/Representational+Abstract

Faculty: Rebecca George

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Course Dates: Saturday's, 12:00-3:00 PM 

July 15-September 23, 2017


Make-up classes provided for student absences within same semester time frame; payment plans available for returning students.

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Course Description: Artists with experience painting/drawing with both representational and abstract approaches are invited to investigate ways to intersect the two. Includes abstracting a recognizable image utilizing shifts in color, proportion and handling of volume, form and edge. From the other perspective, creating an abstract 'ground' and drawing/painting recognizable form without 'completing' the image approaches interacting image making with more instinctual choices about color, line quality and movement. Representational references can be from a photo, mirror, sketch/study and/or slide projection.

Artists are encouraged to expand their surface (canvas (primed vs unprimed), linen, wood, paper, etc) while incorporating painting media with drawing media, alternating the traditional uses of each to expand their application language.

Materials: compressed and powdered media (i.e. pigment sticks, charcoal, graphite, conte, colored pencils, soft pastels,powdered pigment); painting media (i.e. oil paint and mediums: copal, cold beeswax, walnut oil gel, mineral spirits, etc). Group demonstrations on material and technique in oils with application to acrylic available on an individual basis.

GENERAL SUPPLY LIST: Acrylic and/or Oil Paint, Rags, Brushes, Range of Mediums, Palette (Paper or Glass), Solvent/Mediums, Drawing Media, Surfaces to paint on, Jars, Painting Surface, Primer. Contact me for recommendations based on what you have vs. what you'll need.