Press Release: Artists Selected for Representation by The Art House Gallery

For immediate release: April 16, 2018

In late 2017 The Art House Gallery announced the Contemporary Gallery Program, an opportunity for artists to apply for a one year professional development appointment that supports their career and business goals. The Art House received numerous applications and worked closely with the Artists in Residence to conduct individual application material reviews and interviews.

After careful consideration, The Art House has awarded the following four artists with the one year Contemporary Gallery Program representation:

John Collins: John Collins is an American painter working mid-to-large scale on canvas, wood and paper. Collins' approach is abstract, combining gestural and geometric compositional elements with an instinctual application of color theory. John Collins' work is influenced by Wassily Kandinsky, Francis Picabia and Mark Rothko, among others. Follow John Collins on

Steven Thayer Graham: Steven Thayer Graham is a contemporary American painter working mid to large scale in oil and mixed media. Primarily composed of geometric and gestural abstraction, Graham combines bold shapes with intricate line work. Influences include Arshile Gorky, Wasily Kandinsky and Paul Klee. Follow Steven Thayer Graham on and @steven.thayer.graham.

Steve Tritt: Steven Tritt is a contemporary mixed-media painter working in Sycamore, IL. Born in 1964 in Aurora, IL, Tritt attended Northern Illinois University where he earned a BFA and a MFA. Steven Tritt's current influences include Bernard Buffet, Pablo Picasso and Max Beckmann. Follow Steven Tritt on and @steventritt.

Daniel Martin Sullivan: Daniel Martin Sullivan is an emerging contemporary painter based in Chicago working primarily on abstract, mid to large scale canvases. Born in NY, NY, Sullivan earned a BFA in Philadelphia from Tyler School of Art. Sullivan maintains a professional studio in Chicago, currently exploring the relationship between figural and abstract painting. Daniel Martin Sullivan's influences include Cecily Brown, Gerhard Richter and Ad Reinhardt. Follow Daniel Martin Sullivan on

Check in with @thearthousegallery on Instagram and The Art House Gallery on Facebook for an invitation to the exhibition featuring these artists scheduled for the summer of 2018 in Chicago, IL. Stay up to date on artists represented by The Art House Gallery.


Posted on April 16, 2018 .