Interview with The Art House & Rebecca George

March 9, 2015

Audrey Victoria Keiffer, Textile Designer, Artist, & Writer, gets to know The Art House through interviewing its community of artists, including founder Rebecca George

The Art House & Rebecca George
Finding opportunities in the art world for beginning and emerging artists can be vague, but The Art House, located in Chicago, provides both local and long distance artists support in developing both technical and realistic skills for their career. Artist Rebecca George formed The Art House after she graduated from SAIC with a MFA in Painting and Drawing. After her experience as a student, she realized that identifying resources and a unique education for beginning and emerging artists was difficult, “there are many avenues to navigate and many artists who haven’t experienced the specifics as they pertain to the market and community of their geographic area may not recognize how to align the steps they take with the goals they have for themselves.” Nurturing students, The Art House provides artists with innovative studio courses, critique, quarterly exhibition opportunities and professional development. Located in Avondale, it’s a place in Chicago that is truly one of a kind. Read more...

Posted on March 9, 2015 .