Interview with Art House Community Artist: Margaret Park

WUTC Public Radio

Margaret Park with Richard Winham, January 2015

Margaret Park has studied at many art institutions over her lifelong career as an artist. Her last 2 years in Chicago included an active involvement in The Art House where Margaret took classes, individual sessions, professional development and participated in multiple group exhibitions. Margaret Park has relocated to Chattanooga, TN and continues her connection to The Art House with long-distance participation while she establishes her career in her new home town. 

Reflections Gallery on Lee Highway in Chattanooga, TN has a new exhibition called “Artist’s Favorites.” Representing thirty different artists working in watercolor, wood and oil, the exhibition is a collection of each artists’ personal favorites. Richard Winham stopped by the gallery to talk to Margaret Park, a long-distance artist of The Art House community.  In this interview, Margaret discusses work on display in the Reflections Gallery group exhibition, discussing her process and purpose as an artist. Listen...

Posted on February 27, 2015 .