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Individual Instruction

The Art House’s individual instruction sessions ( long-distance via teleconference or video conference) are offered to artists in support of reaching their creative goals. Instruction in all painting and drawing media as well as collage and professional development/business for artists is available.
Many creative goals are supported:

  • Develop your work, achieve breakthroughs and gain momentum in the studio

  • Get back into painting and/or drawing; /learn to paint and/or draw

  • Create an artists website and eCommerce store

  • Launch your career as an artist

  • Get support identifying an institution to obtain an advanced degree in fine arts

  • Develop/personalize abstract painting techniques

  • Learn to draw/paint from life

  • Customized art instruction tailored to your goals

One-on-one critique and customized instruction are to help you reach your goals professionally and in the studio. One on one studio visits are a combination of working/talking sessions with instructor Rebecca George to occur long distance through pre-scheduled Skype sessions, emails with image sharing and phone calls. Appropriate for all levels, from the beginner to an intermediate or advanced level student with a space set aside for studio activities, these sessions allow you to identify your goals and challenges and develop the steps to progress toward your vision for your work. Many people determine and refine their vision through these sessions, discussing both the formal and conceptual aspects of art-making: materials and techniques, various approaches to beginning, problem-solving and methods of building a painting/drawing.

The objective of individual studio visits are to create the foundation for self-propelled momentum in the studio. The structure follows that of a professional fine arts graduate degree where students have an adviser who makes regular visits to the students’ studio to discuss process, critique actual progress and motivate/inspire students to make significant progress in developing a cohesive body of work.

Discussions, demos and instruction often include career steps for artists, from developing a website, CV and business cards, to researching and applying for exhibitions of your work and/or preparing a portfolio for application to fine arts advanced degree programs.

One-on-One Studio Visits are particularly helpful for artists who want individual instruction that propels their progress and enhances momentum in their individual studios by helping them work through and evolve from obstacles as they arise. In addition, these private sessions mirror MFA graduate level program structure as an intensive relationship between an experienced artist/adviser and developing artist with goals for their work and interest in future exhibitions.

Please contact Rebecca with questions and for more detailed information. To schedule one or more sessions, contact Rebecca by email or phone (312) 914-1596.

After scheduling the sessions by phone, you will be sent an invoice that you can pay via PayPal or personal check. A post-payment receipt will be sent to confirm your payment and registration. Scheduling is flexible and can be changed post-registration with 24 hours notification .

Sessions are $100 per hour. Please review policies relating to refunds and credits for individual and course instruction with Rebecca George.

Send an inquiry to begin exploring individual instruction options.