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Work by Sarah Rieser

The Art House presents: An Education, an exhibition featuring a selection of works created by visual artist Sarah Rieser, in recognition of her 2013 completion of the Certificate in Fine Arts from The Art House . Curated by Rebecca George, the one-night-only opening is Friday, July 15th, 2016 from 6pm to 9pm at Arts on Elston Gallery in Avondale.

Sarah Rieser is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Born and raised thirty miles southwest of the city, her art practice is a thematic exploration of consumption-related suburban dystopia. Rieser’s work conveys elements of humor, irony, and ennui by using traditional, labor-intensive processes to transform disposable, mass-produced materials. She creates mixed media art that confronts the wastage of planned obsolescence and the fetishization of religious imagery while introducing questions of taste, feminine labor, and prescriptive reliance on the nondurable. 

Posted on June 16, 2016 .