ARCHIVE: Chicago Artists Month: WORDS MATTER

Exhibit Dates: October 3 - 29, 2015

DESCRIPTION: Artists’ Books are a unique artform and a challenging medium to display in traditional art shows. They are often under glass, and the viewer has access to only the spread selected by the show installers, or the cover.  This one month long Book Arts Library exhibit will allow cover to cover access to handmade books. Also on display will be the work of printers, painters, photographers and others who use words or text as the basis of their artwork.

MEDIA: This exhibit is primarily for handmade book and paper artists who are willing to have their work handled (in a supervised setting), so that they can show the book as a whole. We are seeking artist books, book sculptures or objects, broadsides, sculptural books, zines, graphic novels and comics. 

To submit work: Please send a high res photo of your work to, with a description of the work as you would like it to appear in the catalogue.

QUESTIONS: Contact Eileen at or 773.791.1236.   E-mail much preferred.

This exhibit will be held at ARTS ON ELSTON gallery, 3446 N Albany Ave, Chicago.


Posted on August 29, 2015 .