Earn a Certificate in Fine Arts

Earning a Certificate in Fine Art from The Art House is a prestigious and honorable award. To acquire this Certificate will require meeting a variety of objectives:

  • Completing seven courses of your choosing (any combination of painting, drawing and/or printmaking), or 84 actual 3-hour class periods. Individual sessions/private instruction and attendance at workshops all count toward earning your Certificate (each class period/session, count as one session toward the 84 total). Courses/workshops with registered students are never cancelled, allowing you to earn your Certificate within the time period goal you set for yourself.
  • Demonstrated increase in knowledge, technique and skill in your Fine Arts Practice.
  • Self-motivation and commitment to advancing your Professional Practice as a Fine Artist.
  • Consistent openness to exploration of materials, concepts and content.
  • Readiness to get involved in curating and installing exhibitions of your work and the work of your colleagues.

Earning your Certificate in Fine Arts from The Art House includes an award and solo exhibition, with an opening reception marketed for public attendance.

Advanced level Certificates will be offered in the near future.

To apply for the Certificate in Fine Arts Program, please complete the attached application and submit to Rebecca@TheArtHouse.us: